Lions District 4-L4
Serving Southern California
Orange County and Portions of
Los Angeles & San Bernardino Counties


Membership in a Lions club (and subsequent listing in our business directory) may be attained by invitation only and the standards are reasonably high and limited to persons of good moral character and reputation. The completion of the Lions Clubs International Membership Application (By Invitation Only) does not imply or guarantee that a Lions club will invite a candidate to join the club. A current Lions club member must sponsor a candidate and the club reserves the right to deny approval for membership. By clicking below, you acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions for access to the Lions Clubs International Membership Application (By Invitation Only).

This application is not valid unless approved and signed by the sponsoring Lion, the local club secretary, the local club membership committee chairperson, and an officer of the local club's board of directors.

The completed application must be given to the sponsoring Lion to present to the local Lions club, and should not be sent to the International Office.

For Southern California (Lions District 4-L4) if you do not have a sponsor or know a member of the Lions Club send your application to:

    Norm MacKenzie
    c/o IV Business Alliance
    8560 Vineyard Ave., Suite 409
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730


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