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District Goals


Here are the District goals for the Lions year 2019 – 2020. All of our goals this year are focused on strengthening our District and making our restructure plan a success. Everything we do is based on our inverted pyramid perspective where Lion members and Clubs are at the top and District Officers are at the base providing help and resources as requested.

  1. Leadership Development
  1. 70% of incoming Club Officers will complete Club Officer Training.
  2. 90% of incoming Zone Chairs and Global Action Team will attend training.
  3. The District will identify 10 qualified candidates to apply for local and Lions Clubs International sponsored institutes in our area.
  4. The District will host 4 Leadership Training seminars for members.
  1. Membership Development
  1. 1st Quarter Goal – 25 new members
  2. 2nd Quarter Goal – 15 new members
  3. 3rd Quarter Goal – 15 new members
  4. 4th Quarter Goal – 5 new members
  5. Fiscal Year Goal – 60 new members
  1. New Club Goal
  1. 1st Quarter Goal – 1 new Club – 20 Charter members
  2. 3rd Quarter Goal – 1 new Club – 20 Charter members
  3. Fiscal Year Goal – 2 new Clubs – 40 Charter members
  4. Work to retain more members this year and keep our drops to 85 Lions or less.
  5. The District will host 2 to 3 membership events District-wide.
  6. Guiding Lions will be trained on an as required basis for specific tasks, such as new clubs and rebuilding clubs.
  7. Implement Health Fair Programs in all sectors of the District
  8. Encourage more service project training and service projects by clubs.
  9. Increase awareness and understanding of LCIF program and how it works
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