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District Restructure


Our District has operated under a traditional structure of District – Region – Zones – Clubs for many years. Over the past several years, our District, like many Districts, has seen a drop in membership for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons are obvious, some are not. The bottom line is we need to find a way to continue to provide service to our communities; how we do it may be different than the past.

Many people have different demands on their time and view volunteer service differently. It is up to us to find a way to provide them with service opportunities. When we do this, we will provide more service to our communities. We need to show people that being a Lion is a great way to provide service. One approach is to strengthen our “Community of Lions” and look at ourselves as a larger group of like-minded, service-oriented individuals. We can do this by working together as members and clubs to provide communities with needed services.

Our new structure will help us achieve this. We have consolidated to 6 Zones, and no longer have Regions. Our Zones have been structured to fit the needs of our clubs and not necessarily by geography. For example, we have grouped our Campus Clubs together to help them find more ways to work with each other and other clubs. Many of our campus clubs are medical related, such as optometry schools, physicians assistants, nursing, and pharmacology. They can help many clubs with the their health fairs and vision screenings. Further we can encourage them to continue being Lions once they graduate.  Another example is a Zone of smaller clubs, who can work with one another on service projects and reignite the service spirit which will lead to more projects. Larger clubs and those with more resources are being encouraged to work with other clubs by providing manpower or expertise on projects to help clubs expand the types of service they can provide.

Here is a link to additional information on our new structure. If you have questions, please reach out to your Zone Chair or the District Governor.

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