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GOAL #1: Leadership Training for Lions in Our District

ACTION PLAN: Schedule a Leadership Training Seminar for the first quarter of 2017 for members at no charge. GLT Coordinator will invite speakers to train and work on a project with members to take back to their clubs/zones/region. Promote the MD4 Lions Leadership Institute during club visitations to encourage members to attend the three-day seminar in Ontario, CA. Set up a scholarship program to help pay for members to attend the LLI. Solicit donations from PDGs and clubs to help facilitate this scholarship fund throughout the year.

GOAL #2: Governor and Leadership Succession

ACTION PLAN: Develop plan to encourage members to take positions at the District-level such as a Zone or Region Chair or a Project Chair. Mentor Zone and Region Chairs to become future District Governors. Request Governor’s Team, GLT Coordinator, and PDG to contribute to this action plan by seeking out potential candidates.

GOAL #3: Assign Guiding Lions to Clubs that Need Revitalization

ACTION PLAN: There are four clubs in our district that need a boost in membership and leadership. Identify and assign Guiding Lions to attend or resume meetings within those clubs. Request meeting with GMT in order to encourage an increase in membership. Get Club to set up goals on how to achieve positive growth results.

GOAL #4: Increase District Membership to 1,500 and Add Two New Clubs to District Roster

ACTION PLAN: Current membership at 1,335. Need to increase to 1,500 by June 3o, 2018. “Just Ask and Ask 1” implementation. Encourage clubs to set up their own plans to increase membership. Have Clubs set up their own goals. Set up a strike team to start a new club in Irvine. Request the GMT to concentrate on getting two branch clubs to become clubs on their own (OC Champions Lions and Laguna Beach Riviera Lions Clubs).

GOAL #5: Create a New and Upgraded Website for District 4L4

ACTION PLAN: Hire a web designer to take over our existing website, do a complete overhaul of it and launch a new website by the end of September 2017. It should be user-friendly, creative and bold. Eventually consider using the website as a replacement for the expensive District Directory in the future.

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