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Fellow Lions,

These are unprecedented times. Worry and anxiety come easily, as do frustration and anger. Long lines in stores only to be met by empty shelves, can cause us to react in ways even the calmest and patient among us rarely exhibit. We look for answers, we want answers, we need answers, but often those answers are not available or they are not the answers we want to hear.

Lions have an answer for these times: “We Serve” and “Kindness Matters”.

Many clubs are postponing meetings for several weeks, but this does not mean we cannot serve. We live in times when communication tools are plentiful and with the efforts being taken by the government to isolate us, the more effort we need to put forth to keep the lines of communication open. Hold virtual meetings to let your members know what is happening and to find out how they are. Meet to develop ideas on what the club and members can do to serve. Keep members active. Keep the fun alive.

Keep “Kindness Matters” front of mind. Like some of you, I let my emotions run wild at times and I forget this simple lesson of encouragement. But after I beat myself up for forgetting, I apologize for the lack of kindness and work to do better. I am not perfect. When you find yourself “losing it” step back and say “Kindness Matters”. Do this with fellow club members, people on the road, and people in stores. Don’t try to fix the other party, just fix your thinking.

I looked for a way I could Serve and show Kindness Matters and realized if I provided you with information and encouragement on a regular basis it might help with some of the worry and anxiety we feel. If I share news and keep you up to date on our activities as Clubs and District we all might feel a bit more connected and hopeful.

I will provide these updates on a weekly basis for the present time. I do not want to overburden you with messages (so just delete them if you don’t want to read them so you will continue to receive updates).

I do hope you will not opt out of these updates as they will keep you connected with us and us connected with you.

– District Governor Mark Piva

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