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District 4-L4 Pajama Party

The Party began in April 2010. The idea came from a magazine article read by PDG Elizabeth Warren and it was sponsored by the Ontario-Upland Lions Club. District 4-L4 was asked to donate new pajamas for children who are placed with Child Protective Services. These children are often taken out of their homes or schools with no notice and have nothing of their own to take with them to comfort them. The idea took off with unbelievable enthusiasm and this became a District approved project in November, 2010.

Clubs are asked to donate regularly and collections are made at Region and District meetings. Underclothes and socks can be donated along with pajamas. Clubs are asked to publicize the Party in their local communities, and are taking donations from non-Lions. The focus remains on needy children, and some clubs are finding organizations within their community which can distribute the clothing to these children, with special emphasis on children being taken into care. When this happens, a count is given to the district organizers as named below. The major recipient of the clothing is Crittenton Services for Children and Families, a charitable non-profit 501(c)3, which has contacts throughout Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, San Diego, and Los Angeles counties.

For more information, please contact:
PDG Elizabeth Warren
(909) 941-0604
(Ontario-Upland Lions)
PDG PJ Smith
(714) 996-2950
(Brea Lions)

Blind Children’s Learning Center

Blind Children’s Learning Center, state accredited by the State Department of Education and licensed by Social Services, provides a full-range of programs and services to blind, visually impaired and deaf/blind children, birth to 21 years, and their families.

The core programs are Infant Family Focus, Early Childhood Center and Youth Outreach. Called a “model program” for the nation, the Center is unique in how it delivers the best possible beginning for blind children. Our comprehensive services begin as early as possible and continue through completion of high school.

Services include: speech and language, occupational therapy, orientation and mobility, Braille instruction, vision services, social opportunities, counseling, family support and adaptive technology.

Lion Linn Morgan
H (949) 786-8950 C (714) 749-2420
(Tustin Host Lions)

Send donations to:
Blind Children’s Learning Center
18542-B Vanderlip Avenue
Santa Ana, CA 92705
(714) 573-8888

501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization
Federal ID #95-6097023

Guide Dogs for the Blind, Inc. (GDB)

Guide Dogs for the blind was incorporated in May of 1942 and began instruction of students in a rented home in Los Gatos, California, south of San Jose. A German Shepard named Blondie was one of the first dogs trained and was a rescue from a Pasadena dog pound. She was later paired with Sgt. Leonard Foulk, the first serviceman to graduate from the new school.

In 1947, the school moved to our present 11-acre location in San Rafael California. In October 1995 they held the first graduation of the 2nd campus in Boring, Oregon. Since 1942 they have graduated more than 10,000 teams.

Both campuses house students in exceptional dormitory facilities which includes dining rooms, exercise rooms, libraries, computer rooms and a social area. Both are located near major metropolitan centers, providing graduates training from quiet rural areas to congested city streets and public transportation.

It is the mission of Guide Dogs for the Blind to empower lives by creating exceptional partnerships between people, dogs and communities.
Guide Dogs for the Blind envisions a world with greater inclusion, opportunity and independence by optimizing the unique capabilities of people and dogs.

Donations can be sent direct to a local puppy raiser in your area to benefit your local community – contact Scott for your local chapter. Donations will help with the cost of training these dogs.

Programs Contact Chair
Scott Quinlan (Lion Diane)
(Huntington Beach Host)

Guide Dogs for the Blind is a 501(C3) – 94-1196195

Braille Institute of America, Inc.

The Braille Institute, founded 1919, provides an environment of hope and encouragement for people who are blind and visually impaired through integrated educational, social and recreational programs and services. Generous donors and dedicated efforts by more than 5,200 volunteers enable staff to provide training, programs and services without charge.

  • Children Development – We offer in-home programs for parents of blind infants and toddlers and help to main stream blind children (up to age 5) in community preschools.
  • Youth and Career Services – We help foster self-confidence
    and independence in children and young adults, ages 6-30. This includes job counseling and referrals.
  • Counseling and Support Services – Our counselors and support services help advise and assist with the adjustment of vision loss.
  • Classes – We offer more than 200 classes in adaptation to blindness and attaining independence, as well as many recreational subjects.
  • Options for Low Vision – Our free Low Vision Rehabilitation consultations provide tools for making the most of remaining vision.
  • Community Outreach: “Classes Near You” – For those who can’t come to a regional center, many classes are offered outside our centers throughout Southern California.
  • Our mobile solutions vehicles travel throughout Southern California to bring our services to you.
  • Vistas – Our retail store has many adaptive items.

Orange County office:
(714) 821-5000
527 N. Dale Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92801

Send donations to:
Braille Institute of America, Inc.
527 N. Dale Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92801

District 4-L4 Representative:
John Doogan
P.O. Box 287
Stanton, CA 90860
C (714) 913-3428

IRC 501 (c) (3) private nonprofit organization

District 4-L4 Diabetes Awareness


It is estimated that more than 200 million people have diabetes. They are at risk of losing sight due to diabetic retinopathy. Diabetic retinopathy affects the retina, the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye that transmits visual messages via the optic nerve to the brain. When this delicate tissue is damaged by diabetic retinopathy, the result may be visual impairment or blindness.

Diabetes awareness was adopted as a long-term commitment of the Lions Clubs International in 1984. The primary objective of this Lions program is to reduce the number of new cases of blindness caused by diabetic retinopathy through diabetes education, early detection and treatment, and support of research.
For information or a club presentation – contact:

Dr. Marcella McSorley
District Chair
202 1st Street
Seal Beach, CA 90740
H (562) 980-2238
(Seal Beach Lions)

American Diabetes Association office – contact:
Sandy Cripe, Manager
(714) 662-7940 ext. 7520

American Diabetes Association*
17752 Mitchell N, Suite H
Irvine, CA 92614

Visit the Diabetes Store online at:
*Affiliates: American Diabetes Association Research Foundation, Inc.; American Diabetes Association Title Holding Corporation; and 9 regional and 64 local offices.

IRC 501 (c)(3) public nonprofit organization

California Lions Friends in Sight

California Lions Friends in Sight (CLFIS) provides free vision screenings and recycled eyeglasses for thousands of disadvantaged individuals throughout southern California and northern Mexico. The primary goals are to educate the public on vision related matters, to address the functional forms of visual impairment by providing free recycled eyeglasses closely matched to a screening refraction and to assess ocular health conditions that could lead to pathological forms of visual impairment. Individuals who have a medical and/or surgical need diagnosed by our licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist are so informed and directed to seek care. CLFIS conducts over 30 screenings each year in an area stretching east to west from Blythe to Oxnard, and south to San Diego. Screenings are typically performed on Saturdays with five weekend-long screenings in Northern Mexico. Since July 2010, CLFIS have screened more than 75,000 people, provided eyeglasses where needed, and advised more than 5,000 to seek medical or surgical care.

501c3 Federal ID 27-2235369


Used eyeglass Collection District Co-Chairman

Scotty Barklay (Lion Barbara)
7830 Arroyo Vista
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
H (909) 987-5450 C (909) 638-8642
(Cucamonga District Host Lions)

Larry Williams Co-Chairman
1238 Fairway Circle
Upland, CA 91784
(909) 730-6405
(Cucamonga District Host Lions)

Donate on website or send to:
California Lions Friends in Sight
P.O. Box 7
Beaumont, CA 92223
(951) 845-4559

District 4-L4 Sight & Hearing Foundation, Inc.

In 1977, a group of dedicated Lions brought a vision of service to reality with the formation of the District 4-L4 Sight and Hearing Foundation, Inc.

The foundation currently concentrates on club use of the three Spot Scanners that were purchased in 2014, with the help of a LCIF matching grant. We encourage clubs to use these easy to use scanners, that come with a printer, in their local clinics or events.

The Foundation board also wants to help District clubs financially help with their local community members in need of help with vision: testing, glasses, or medical solutions.

The Hearing Aid Bank is also a part of and run by the Sight and Hearing Foundation.

Donations may be made by Lions Clubs as an annual contribution.

For information or a club presentation contact:

Tom Hollister, President (Term 2018-2020)
(Lion Bertha)

8626 Chukar Circle
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
H (714) 964-7226 C (714) 922-2941
(Newport Beach Hawaiian Lions)

Spot Scanner Reservations or Donations:

District 4L4 Sight and Hearing Foundation
c/o Gary Denni
653 W. 19th Street
San Pedro, CA 90731
H (310) 832-6547 B (562) 430-0424
(Seal Beach Lions)

Related program: “District 4-L4 Hearing Aid Bank Program”

IRS 501c3 public nonprofit organization
Federal ID #95-3510953

District 4-L4 Teen Recognition Program

District 4-L4 Teen Recognition Program was first started as a Saddleback Region project in 1989. Later in 1992, the program was introduced by DG Kevin Evans to the district to widen its scope. The purpose of the program is to recognize, support and reward teens for their efforts in volunteerism in promoting a drug, alcohol and tobacco free life-style.

Applications are distributed by Lions clubs to local schools, high schools and community youth groups. Students aged 14 to 19 years old who have maintained a 2.5 GPA or above and have worked toward helping their peers attain a substance free lifestyle are eligible to apply. Applications are evaluated by the Teen Recognition Program committee.

Students recognized by the committee are actively involved by volunteering their free time in both their schools and local communities. Through the generous support of our Lions clubs, the Teen Recognition Program annually acknowledges these students with plaques and cash honorariums at a special Awards Presentation held in their honor.

Joey Amaro
District Chair
1342 N. Campus Dr.
Upland, CA 91786
H (562) 391-6005
B (818) 538-4354
(Upland Host Lions)

PDG Ken Myers (Denise)
2131 N. Albright,
Upland CA 91784
H (909) 608-1938 | (C) (951) 712-1823
(Upland Host Lions)

Send Donations made out to “Teen Recognition” to:
District 4L4
c/o Carol Linehan
4729 Rey Drive
Huntington Beach, CA 92649


(Help for Brain Injured children)
The Cleta Harder Developmental School “Giving Hope”

H.B.I.C. (Help for Brain Injured Children) recognizes that each child is a unique person with their own difficulties in coping with the demands of society and believes that all children should be afforded the opportunity to maximize their genetic potential.

This nonprofit organization has operated continuously since 1967 and is vitally concerned with the physical and environmental condition of the neurologically impaired child and young adult. Seeking to remedy these conditions, H.B.I.C. assists in medical rehabilitation and educational processes with the most opportune programs available.

H.B.I.C. realizes not every person is going to make it to “normalcy” but without exceptions, those who receive therapy in its entirety do show improvement. A person who functions better is a happier human being.

For information or a club presentation – contact:

Lion Roy Ramsland
P.O. Box 2340
La Habra, CA 90632
C (562) 260-3750
(La Habra Host)

Send donations to:
981 N. Euclid Street
La Habra, CA 90631

Certified by California Department of Education.
Members of: American Academy of Human Development (AAHD) and California Association of Private Special Education Schools (CAPSES)

IRC 501 (c) (3) public nonprofit organization
Federal lD #95-2758212

Lions Camp at Teresita Pines and Lions Camp at Wrightwood

The camps are located in the beautiful Angeles National Forest, at an altitude of 6,000 feet, and only 90 miles from Los Angeles. Open year round, Lions Wilderness Camps provide a summer camp for the disabled of all ages and is also available for club functions, retreats, conferences, youth groups, family reunions and weddings. Our dedicated professional staff can provide whatever support is needed. The camps also pride themselves on excellent food service for all size groups. Lions Camps at Teresita Pines are a perfect place for relaxing and enjoying winter and summer activities.

Mission Statement: The mission of Lions Camps at Teresita Pines are to provide a beautiful mountain facility for group camping, emphasizing the needs of the blind and disabled.

“Dining Hall” wall plaque recognition available for 25 or more volunteer hours by an individual or for donations of $250 or more by club.

For information or a club presentation – contact:

PDG Ken Myers (Denise),
2131 N. Albright
Upland CA 91784
(H) (909) 608-1938 (C) (951) 712-1823
(Upland Host Lions)

Send donations to:
Lions Camp at Teresita Pines
P.O. Box 98
Wrightwood, CA 92397

Accredited by the American Camping Association

IRC 501 (c) (3) public nonprofit organization
Federal lD #33-0818008

Lions Project for Scleroderma Cure (LPSC)

“Support – Education – Research”

In 2003, Lions Project for Scleroderma was adopted as a District 4-L4 approved project. Funds generated are utilized in the search for a cure and to assist those currently afflicted with this disabling disease. The term “scleroderma” literally translates to “hard skin” and in some cases the disease effects only the skin, but in many cases it affects internal organs such as the heart, lungs, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, etc. The disease is an anomaly within the autoimmune system that can be devastating and deadly. While most are unaware of this disease, it affects literally hundreds of thousands of Americans, and the cause of this disease in unknown.

Scleroderma was first described in the 18th century and was found in all races and ethnic groups. It affects all age ranges but is more common in adults than children and more common in women than men. Some 80% of all diagnosed cases are women in the range of 18 to 45 years of age. The disease is not contagious and is rarely, if ever, inherited.

For Information – Donations or a Club Presentation
Contact: Fullerton Host Lions

Lion Marc Poli (Judy)
114 S. Yale Avenue
Fullerton, CA 92831
H (714) 525-4564
B (714) 883-2693
F ( 714) 276-6900
(Fullerton Host Lions)

IRC 501 (c)(3) public nonprofit organization
Federal lD #77-0229244

Orange County Ronald McDonald House

“A Home Away From Home”

The idea behind the Ronald McDonald House is simple: provide a comfortable and affordable “home-away-from-home” for families of seriously ill children who are receiving treatment at nearby hospitals. Some children must travel great distances to get the medical attention they need. In-hospital treatment may last a day, one year or even longer. For the families of these children, accommodations can be hard to come by; options are often limited to costly hotels or unforgiving hospital chairs and benches.

The Orange County Ronald McDonald House provides a comfortable, supportive alternative for these families. It serves as a temporary residence near the medical facility where family members can sleep, eat, relax and find support from other families in similar situations. In return, families are asked to make a donation $5 per day; if that isn’t possible, their stay is free.

For information or a club presentation – contact:

Lion Brenda Donahue
(Tustin Host Lions)

Send donations to:

O.C. Ronald McDonald House
383 S. Batavia Street
Orange, CA 92868

Noel Burcelis, Executive Director
B (714) 516-3600 F (714) 516-3697

RC 501 (c) (3) public nonprofit organization
Federal lD #95-3167869

The Orphanages of Thailand, Inc.

“Bring Hope to Children Who Have None”

Our organization has been helping to improve the lives of disadvantaged children of Thailand for over three decades. We help maintain schools for disabled children, homes for street kids and several orphanages throughout Thailand.

We are in the process of building a children’s shelter that will
take kids off the streets, clothe them, feed them and educate them.

Our aim is to break the grip of poverty and put these kids on the road to self-sufficiency.

The Children’s Shelter of Wat Bot will provide:

  • A home for tsunami victims.
  • A safe place for children to go after school.
  • An education in computer science and English.
  • A pre-school for blind and deaf children.
  • A place for volunteer medical personnel to provide their services.
  • A distribution point for food and shoes.

Lion John Doogan
P.O.Box 287
Stanton, CA 90680
C (714) 913-3428
(Huntington Beach Host)

Send donations to:
Lion Marc Poli
114 S. Yale Avenue
Fullerton, CA 92831
H (714) 525-4564
B (714) 883-2693
F (714) 276-6900
(Fullerton Host Lions)

IRC 501 (c) (3) private nonprofit organization
Federal ID #33-0846740

Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation of Southern California

Restoring the gifts of sight and hearing.

Serving Lions in Districts A-3, L-1 through L-6 Supporting your communities at no cost to clubs with:

  • Vision Program: Cataract, Retinal and related eye surgeries
  • Hearing Programs: New, state-of-the-art digital hearing aids
    • Assistance for club and district Sight & Hearing Coordinators
    • Help with community outreach Club presentations and programs
    • Awards for club recognitions

We Serve All Age Groups!
CEO: Randy Stein
5150 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 605
Long Beach, CA 90804

Lions Fourth District Student Speakers Foundation, Inc.

“Promoting Lionism Worldwide”

The Student Speakers Foundation was started in 1960
 by PDG Donald Snyder to raise funds to provide the scholarships for the winners of the MD-4 Student Speakers Contest.
 This year’s winners of the district, Area and final contests will receive a combined total of $103,500.

Funds are raised primarily through the Foundation Fellowship Program.

  • Fred W. Smith Fellowship is $500
  • Donald E. Snyder Fellowship is $400
  • Dwight E. Stanford Fellowship is $300
  • Harry J. Aslan Fellowship is $200
  • Plaques and label pins available for all fellowships.
  • Supporter patch for vest or banner is $100
 with a year chevron available for each
 subsequent year donation.

Put the foundation in your will for any amount and join the
bequest club. You need not specify the amount, only notify the Foundation. A distinctive lapel pin is available.

All contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible under both state of California and Federal taxing regulations.

Send donations to:
Lion Carol Linehan (Lion Dewey)
4729 Rey Drive
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
C (714) 716-9380
(Huntington Beach Host Lions)

Lions Float, Inc.

“Promoting Lionism Worldwide”

Since 1992, Lions Clubs International has had a float in the New Year’s Day Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California. Two of its entries in 1993 and 1994 won awards for the most beautiful floats in the parade and again in 2014 won the tournament of Roses Special Trophy for exceptional uses in multi classifications. However, all entries are considered winners presenting Lions an opportunity to promote our service activities to people world-wide who view the float each year. The Rose Parade is viewed by more than 800,000 along the parade route and an estimated 400 million in 85 countries. The parade is covered by several hundred domestic and international media representatives. Every major print media features related stories before, during , and after the parade.

Lions Float, Inc., a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation was formed in 1994 to direct the preparation and funding of the Lions Float in the Rose Parade. This is a year-round activity involving the designing, fundraising and coordinating of volunteer decoration of the float in December.

To raise funds, Lions Float, Inc., sells commemorative pins, polo shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats & visors, and Fellowships. Please visit the souvenir store on the website at and purchase items that you can use as gifts to our fellow lions, family members, friends and even business associates.

Clubs may also recognize a deserving Lion with one of the following prestigious fellowships:

Donald A. Banker Fellowship $500
Garry Lozaun Fellowship $350
Wilt LeBlanc Fellowship $300
Chuck Overbey Fellowship $250

For information or a club presentation – contact:

PDG Larry Wehage, President
16645 Grand Avenue
Bellflower, CA 90706
C (562) 331-9265
(Bellflower Noon Lions)

Manuel A. Sanchez, 1st Vice President
706 W. 1st Ave., Apt 3
La Habra, CA 90631
C (562) 708-9061
B: (562) 940-1862
(Long Beach Lions)

Robert Susaeta, 2nd Vice President
23968 Sanctuary Park Way
Yorba Linda, CA 92887
H (714) 692-9118
C (714) 606-9963
(Orange Lions)

IRC 501 (c) (3) public nonprofit organization
Federal lD #95-4445483

MD-4 Lions Youth Exchange Foundation, Inc.

This is a Lions Clubs International Program and an endorsed MD4 and 4-L4 Program.

Since 1951 LCI has been sending as many students as possible around the world. In doing so, we hope that they experience another culture and bring about peaceful relations and a better understanding of others. When going abroad they are an Ambassador of Goodwill. They can be selected by your club for their desire to learn about another culture.

We offer the opportunity to travel to Japan and various European Countries for a 3-6 week program (varies by country) during the summer. This requires a local club to SPONSOR the student which does NOT involve any financial obligations.

As a district we fundraise for the INCOMING students to cover costs of activities while they are within our district staying with host families over the summer. As a multiple, the MD4 Foundation fundraises to cover cost of scholarships for OUTGOING students. Without Club support, this program would not be able to continue.

For hosting opportunities, information on your club sponsoring an outgoing
student, YEP incoming activity or a program about this for your club please contact Lion Diane Quinlan, Committee Chair or one of our other region chairs.

For Programs contact Diane Quinlan

Send donations for 4L4 Hosting incoming students
$25 YEP Pin
$100 Banner Batch
$150 Heart of a Lion
$200 PDG Judy Schnitzer Fellowship
$250 YEP Fellowship
District 4L4 YEP
Diane Quinlan, Committee Chair (Lion Scott)


IRC 501 (c)(3) Public Nonprofit Organization
Federal lD #94-3175822 – for both 4L4 & MD4

Grant Wishes, Inc.

“GRANTS WISHES to kids when they most need it, when cancer comes back.”

The children that receive a wish from Grants Wishes are fighting a second battle with cancer or undergoing long term treatments. They have received a wish already from another organization when they were originally diagnosed with cancer, but this often happens very quickly into a child’s illness. Grants Wishes was brought about to address the times when cancer has relapsed (sometimes years after their first diagnosis) or when treatment is ongoing long term. These children face special challenges and often desperately need the mental and emotional “boost” that a second wish can provide. Difficult and painful treatments and long term care takes a toll on a child’s emotional state and sometimes receiving a wish is just what it takes to get them through an especially rough time.

Hospitals served by GRANTS WISHES
Hospital Of Orange County (CHOC)
Jonathan Jaques Cancer Center @ Miller Children’s
Loma Linda university Children’s Hospital (LLUCH)
Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego (Rady)
Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Anaheim

For information contact:
Robert Susaeta (Lion Sharon)
District Chair
23968 Sanctuary Park Way
Yorba Linda, CA 92887
(Orange Lions)
H (714) 692-9118 C (714) 606-9963

Grants Wishes, Inc.
5735 E. Santa Ana Canyon Road #G123 Anaheim, CA 92807
Phone/Fax (714) 998-6039

GRANTS WISHES Inc. A 501C (3) non profit

City of Hope

“Where the Power of Knowledge Saves Lives”

Compassion was the driving force that led to the founding of City of Hope in 1913. That spirit lives on at City of Hope National Medical Center and Beckman Research Institute, which today provides help to millions of people who are battling life-threatening diseases.

Located just northeast of Los Angeles in Duarte, California, City of Hope is a most unusual and remarkable place where compassion and leading-edge care go hand-in-hand. Here, some of the world’s most knowledgeable physicians, researchers, scientists and health care professionals join forces to treat, and to one day cure, cancers and other life- threatening diseases. These distinguished experts provide state-of-the-art patient care and also conduct leading-edge research.

For information or a club presentation – contact:

Patricia Collisson, Advisor
801 Emerald Bay
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
C (949) 228-2811
(Laguna Niguel Lions)

“59th Annual Lions Tribute Day”
Spring 2018

Send donations to:
City of Hope
Associate Group Development
1055 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90017
(800) 544-3541 ext. 26561 or 26563

IRC 501 (c) (3) public nonprofit organization
Federal lD #95-3435919


“Caring for elders as if they are your own”

ASIAN AMERICAN SENIOR CITIZENS SERVICE CENTER, INC. (AASCSC) was founded in 1989 with the philosophy “caring for elders as if they are your own”. We established the service center office in Orange County in 1991.

Our principal mission statement “is dedicated to increasing the awareness of the needs of the Asian American elderly, assisting their access to essential health care and social services, and promoting a dignified living the community”. AASCSC is a leading service and advocacy organization entrusted to serve, protect, and celebrate senior citizens. We are determined to help Asian Pacific Americans (APA) lead independent, meaningful, and dignified lives by building a stronger and healthier community thorough direct services, policy advocacy, and capacity building.

For many years, AASCSC has been an important resource to ensure our most vulnerable, low-income seniors, have access to quality social and health programs and services available to all American senior citizens. With our bilingual staff and volunteers, AASCSC works to serve and empower our diverse aging community.

Jennifer S. Wang, Chief Operating Officer
O (714) 560-8877 ext. 115
C (949) 929-7458

Angela Wang, Co-President
18207 Santa Cecelia Circle
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
O (714) 330-2826
(Chinese American Lions Club)

Fannie Ma, Co-President
(Chinese American Lions Club)

Send donations to:
Asian American Senior Citizens Service Center 850 N. Birch Street
Santa Ana, CA 92701

PDG Matt Hunyadi, Advisor
H (714) 970-8206
(Fullerton Host Lions Club)

IRC 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization
Federal Tax ID #33-0396096


The PADRE Foundation (Pediatric Adolescent Diabetes Research and Education) is an Orange County based organization dedicated to supporting children and teens (adolescents) with Type 1 diabetes along with their families.

The PADRE Foundation has close ties with Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) and the Dick and Mary Allen Diabetes Center in Newport Beach, but develops and operates its own programs. Founded in 1985, the foundation provides local support for adolescents and families and supports Orange County based research on Type 1 diabetes.  It has expanded to provide education, events and project administration.

The PADRE Foundation Mission is to:

  • Provide educational classes, support groups and psychosocial events for all children with diabetes, as well as for their parents and siblings.
  • Support community education on diabetes and disease management.
  • Partner with research aimed toward better detection, prevention and management of diabetes and ultimately towards a cure.

The PADRE Foundation relies on donations, grants, and various fundraising activities to support their mission.

For information or a club presentation – contact:

PDG Barbara Hayward           C  714-309-2131

(Harbor Mesa)              

Send donations to:

The PADRE Foundation, c/o Mike Avery, Development and Outreach Coordinator, 1201 W. La Veta Avenue, Orange, CA 92868

IRS 501 (c) (3)                   Federal Identification Number: 33-0099451


California Lions Foundation (CLF) is a California, non-profit, tax-exempt, 501(c) (3) corporation with the sole purpose to provide matching financial grants to California Lions Clubs. CLF matching grants are provided to enable California Lions clubs to provide even greater service to their local communities.
The California Lions Foundation (CLF) is designed to complement grants already available from Lions Clubs International Foundation and other local foundations. CLF matching grants will be available in smaller dollar amounts, $500-$10,000, for projects that do not qualify for support from other foundations. CLF will be able to aid in disasters that are not “natural disasters”. In 2014, a fire destroyed the food delivery trucks at the Monterey County Foodbank. The fire was determined to be arson, not a natural disaster and as a result, the local Lions were not able to get assistance from LCIF.

CLF can help if other grants are not available. CLF will provide matching grants from $500 – $10,000 with a more streamlined review and approval process. CLF will seek donations from Corporations and Individual Sponsors, as well as local Lions. CLF will be actively seeking donations from local businesses, large Corporations and Individual Sponsors in California.

CLF offers special recognition for Club and Individual/Corporate donations as Founding Members. Lions may become a “Founding Member” of CLF as well as a Kay Fukushima Fellow for a minimum donation of $1,000. Additionally, California Lions Clubs may become a Founding Club of CLF for a donation of $5,000, and get banner patches for smaller donations. Founding member donations by individual Lions may be counted toward the “Founding Club” donation amount to qualify as a Founding Lions Club. CLF will also offer Partnership recognition to major Corporate and Individual donors. Founding Lion and Founding Club recognition will be available only until 12-31-17.

100% of All Donations Received Will Serve Californians Through California Lions. CLF ensures that 100% of donations are put to work to provide service to California communities.

For information contact:

PDG Gil Smith (Lion Barbara)
1120 Seneca Place
Diamond Bar, CA 91765
(Pomona Host Lions)
H (909) 860-6477 C (714) (909) 802-9915

Donations may be sent to:

California Lions Foundation
c/o MD4 Lions Office
129 Los Aguajes Ave.
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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