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District 4-L4 Officers

District Governor

Steve Lacey & wife Susan

1st Vice District Governor

PDG John Schroeder & wife Lion Silvia

Cabinet Treasurer

Michael Smith

Cabinet Secretary

Diane Quinlan

Immediate PDG

Mark Piva

GMT Coordinator

PCC David Radtke

GLT Coordinator

Mark Piva

GST Coordinator

Denny Moiser

District Chaplain

PDG Judy Schnitzer

Associate Chaplain

Vicky Sasser

Peace Poster & Public Relations Chair

Marianne Allen

District Communications & Pediatric Cancer

Alexis Morgan

LCIF Chair

Drew Sasser

Governor Advisor

PDG Ken Meyers

Governor Advisor

PDG Bob Susaeta

Song Leader

Carol Van Holt

Speakers Contest

Susie McIntoch

District Leo Chairperson

Cindee Quan

District Vision & Hearing

Mark Snyder

Diabetes Chair

Becky Eskridge

Campus/Cyber Clubs

Scott Quinlin

Youth Exchange

Diane Quinlan

Zone Chairs

Zone A Chair

Craig Durand

Zone B Chair

Patti Lee

Zone C Chair

Fausto Marisy

Zone D Chair

PDG Matyas "Matt" Hunyadi

Zone E Chair

Mike Preston

Zone F Chair

Corina Van Del Pol

Zone G Chair

Bob Terry
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