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District 4-L4 Officers

District Governor

Randy McMillan

1st Vice District Governor

Mark Piva

2nd Vice District Governor

Steven Lacey

Cabinet Treasurer

Carol Linehan

Cabinet Secretary

Joan Parks

Immediate PDG

Judy Barr

GLT Coordinator

Seth Eaker

GMT Coordinator

Steve Christy

GST Coordinator

Scott Newton

District Chaplain

PDG Barbara Hayward

LCIF Foundation

PDG Elizabeth Warran

District PR Chair

Marianne Allen

District Newsletter Editor

Cathy Waters

Foothill Region and Zone Chairs

Foothill Region Chair

Robert Terry

Foothill Zone A Chair

Joey Amaro

Foothill Zone B Chair

Mike Shaw

Foothill Zone C Chair

Mike Preston

Orange Region and Zone Chairs

Orange Region Chair

Dr. Marcella McSorley

Orange Zone A Chair

Nita Sutton

Orange Zone B Chair

Alexis Morgan

Orange Zone C Chair

Craig Durand

Saddleback Region and Zone Chairs

Saddleback Region Chair

John Ulrich

Saddleback Zone A Chair

Marianne Hahn

Saddleback Zone B Chair

Morgan Huang

Saddleback Zone C Chair

Patricia Collisson
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